Who is Jay Love?

Introducing Jay Love, the underground hip-hop sensation that has been captivating audiences with his raw talent and venomous flow. As a true hip-hop purist, Jay Love’s passion for the genre was ingrained in him from a young age, shaped by the likes of RUN-DMC, KRS-ONE, N.W.A., Nas, Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Clan, Gangstarr, and many more.

Breaking into the underground rap scene during the “Golden Age” of independent hip-hop, Jay Love made a striking entrance with his debut 12″ record, Constellation, released in 1998 alongside his producer, The Avid Record Collector, and fellow emcee Born Talent. The record featured underground classics “Tagz Up” and “For All the Heads” and was released on Jay Love’s own label, Golden Apple Records.

Jay Love’s label continued to gain momentum with the release of The Essence, a widely successful mixtape featuring original samples courtesy of The Avid Record Collector. The 12” single and mixtape’s success solidified Jay Love’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the underground rap scene and set the stage for the formation of his group, The Odd Couple, with college drinking buddy Louis Logic.


album cover for Pimp Shit by The Odd Couble

The Odd Couple “Pimp Shit”

The Odd Couple Alcohol/Ism







In 2001, The Odd Couple released the hit single “Pimp Shit b/w Por Qué” on Solid Records/Golden Apple Records, leading to the release of their critically acclaimed album, Alcohol/Ism, in 2004. Despite positive reception, internal conflict led to the cancellation of their tour and the album’s lack of commercial success.

But Jay Love is not one to be underestimated, he has collaborated with some of the most notable artists in the game, including Celph Titled, J-Zone, Louis Logic, Rise, FT of Street Smartz, A.L. Skillz, Swigga of Natural Elements, Ruste Juxx, and has opened for groups like Camp Lo, Black Star, Non-Phixion, Vinnie Paz, and Necro.

In 2018, he released the TunnelVision EP and in 2020, he released the Ill Venom EP, both produced entirely by The Avid Record Collector.

album cover for the TunnelVision EP by Jay Love

Jay Love TunnelVision

Jay Love ill Venom








Jay Love Threat Level Delta

His music is a throwback to the days when it was all about 2 turntables and a mic, and his latest EP Threat Level Delta is a perfect example of this, with a scratch hook on every song and Jay Love’s masterfully crafted verses that will leave you in awe.



The duo is currently recording their next project, continuing to bring raw and authentic hip-hop to the masses. Jay Love’s music is not only a nod to the past, but also a glimpse into the future of the genre. His style, flow, and delivery are unmatched, and his dedication to the genre is evident in every word he raps. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering him, Jay Love’s music is a journey worth taking.

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